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Lights (batteries excluded) and other non battery products are covered by a One Year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase and are free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not apply to damage due to heat, physical damage resulting from abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper fit, or alterations of the fixture. This warranty covers the lights and cables only. Batteries, excluding normal wear and tear, are warranted by 120 days since the date of purchase.

All customers should contact the local dealers or regional distributors for warranty service. To proceed a claim, please contact the original dealer or distributor. Some of the issues may be resolved upon the initial call. If return of product is required, please use a courier with traceable function. MOON is not responsible for any missing, lost and misdirected parcel. 

For the customers who purchase thru online retailers:, please contact the related sellers for warranty service. We only provide the warranty service for the buyers who purchase our products thru our authorized dealers and Moon Sport USA's official online store.     

If the customer order is placed thru Moon Sport USA 's official online store, please contact for warranty service. 

For Warranty Registration, please Click Here.

Should you have more questions, please email us at and state your full contact information (name, address, and email) and a description of the issue.

This warranty covers expenses for inspecting and repairing the product during the warranty period. The defective product shall be delivered by the purchaser at our discretion/expense to the designated premised together with complete MOON gift box. Failure to perform, the warranty will be invalid.

​Moon will return the repaired product or another product to the original dealer for collection by the customer in good working condition. All replaced faulty products or components will become the property of MOON.

If MOON repairs or replaces the product, the repaired or replaced product shall continue to be warranted for the  remaining time of the original warranty period.

MOON reserves the right to request the return of any product submitted for warranty consideration. All customers should contact the local dealer or directly to Moon Sport USA for warranty service.

Before sending any defective items, Please contact us at Shipping defective items is the responsibility of the claim holder and is not reimbursed by Moon Sport USA.


i)  Improper installation

ii)  Normal wear & tear

iii) Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse or neglect

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